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Peace of mind – our aim in matters related to personal financial security.

We believe insurance coverage solutions should be transparent, unbiased and adjustable at any time.

What is vlot?

vlot is a B2B2C platform – opening up an agile and integrated world of
risk analysis, coverage and life planning.


At vlot we define success as empowering users to make immediate risk coverage adjustments by smoothly combining dynamic risk profiling with tailored and continuously adjustable coverage solutions.

How we do it – the vlot platform

Initially focusing on biometric risks, vlot provides an integrated digital value chain combining a holistic life risk assessment with tailored coverage and life event triggered adjustments.


Assess and visualize risk
coverage for possible gaps


Enhance coverage to close
any identified gap

Life planning

Update life parameters to
optimize and adjust coverage


Assess and visualize your risk coverage for possible gaps.

Any comprehensive life risk assessment is complex and dependent on specific personal parameters. Today, this is a time consuming and largely manual process, typically involving multiple market players.

Why use our platform? vlot will immediately provide you with a customized, unbiased risk assessment based on the relevant personal parameters you choose to provide.


Enhance your coverage to close any identified gap.

Life insurance products are well known for being static and a bureaucratical nightmare. Short-term incentives for long-term contracts make them highly customer-unfriendly.

Why use our platform? vlot instantly calculates custom tailored products that perfectly match your needs. Instead of taking commissions for a static product, we offer flexible and dynamic risk coverage – commission-free!

Life planning

Update your parameters to optimize and adjust coverage.

Distributors of life risk products are not incentivised to follow up and monitor your chosen risk coverage – even though life is dynamic and unpredictable.

Why use our platform? vlot enables you to capture significant life cycle events, re-assess your risk coverage in light of these, and easily adjust coverage to reflect the requirements of your new circumstances – instantly and hassle-free.

Why the vlot platform is unique

Digitally enabled

vlot assesses risk and distributes
products through its online
platform only. This significantly
reduces the administrative burden
for everyone involved.

Highly scalable

vlot is a web-based, multi-channel
portal functioning as a one-stop-
shop. This sets the stage to extend
geographical reach and expand to
other insurance areas.


vlot takes no commissions for any
products provided through its
platform. We are paid by our efforts
to thoroughly assess real risk
coverage needs – today and beyond.

Who is vlot?

Daniel Schmidheiny

The idea for the vlot platform was sparked through my job as CEO and owner of an insurance broker company. After assessing and profiling hundreds of customer dossiers, it became clear to me that radical change was needed in the insurance market. With vlot, we want to take risk analysis and product distribution to a new level.

Sandro Matter

As a husband and father of two girls, financial security is a matter close to my heart. With vlot, we want to create a platform that makes this quest an easy one for everyone. My long-term experience in strategy and business development within the financial sector provide me with a matching profile to achieve this.

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