vlot for Banks

vlot can be integrated into any banking software environment: mortgage advisory processes, e-banking portals, or as a self-service offering. We have the APIs to connect and can also provide white label solutions. We fully understand bank requirements concerning data handling and customer ownership.

Usecases for Banks


vlot analysis embeded in e-banking.

Mortgage advisory

vlot analysis incoporated in an advisory tool.

Benefits for Banks

  • State of the art and highly accurate income protection gap and coverage assessment.
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate advisory tool for improved distribution efficiency and increased productivity.
  • Full bancassurance support: comprehensive and seamless digital end-to-end flexible tech solutions compatible with all major banking IT systems.
  • Cost efficent access to additional revenue streams with clearly identified cross-selling potential through high quality leads.
  • Increased customer touchpoints and interactions based on a dynamic planning module and mapping major life and regulatory events.

For further details please contact hi@vlot.ch or request a demo.

Some highlights for Banks

70% lower
Underwriting cost
25% lower
Customer acquisition costs
13% higher
Distribution productivity