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Have you ever thought about …

  • the financial situation in which you and your loved ones would be in the event of a sudden death or disability scenario?
  • what kind of benefits from the social security system and your pension fund woud be available in such a worst-case scenario?
  • how much additional income you or your family would need to maintain your standard of living?


Analyse your existing coverage from social security system (1st pillar) and pension fund (2nd pillar) and identify possible gaps – understandable & transparent

vlot considers your entire household instead of only looking at one particular person. Just start the analysis, we guide you through it and come up with a tailor-made coverage solution!


Close the identified gaps with the exact amount needed – fair & digital

vlot makes purchasing life insurance easy. vlot is digital, no need to meet or speak to an insurance agent. Online & hassle-free!

Life planning

Update your coverage when relevant life events occur – flexible & dynamic

vlot allows you to re-run the income gap analysis upon relevant life events and adjust your coverage instantly. Since: getting married, giving birth to a baby, changing the employer or buying a house changes the situation completely!

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