vlot for Corporates

vlot can be offered as a fringe benefit to your employees. Your employees will have access to an understandable and free life risk analysis and get flexible, competitive insurance coverage. We have APIs to connect to your intranet and can offer vlot as a white label solution. Be sure that your employees are advised professionally and fairly.

Usecases for Corporates

HR efficiency

Increased efficiency for HR in dealing with complex topics through digital solutions.

Employee benefits

State of the art rapid and precise income and savings gap calculation.

Benefits for Corporates

  • State of the art and highly accurate income protection gap and coverage assessment.
  • Intuitive and transparent digital self-service platform informing employees on their employee and state benefit situation.
  • Increased HR effectiveness when dealing with complex legal and regulatory requirements surrounding employee benefits.
  • Full digital white label offering including all relevant corporate financial partners.
  • Highly transparent overview of company fringe benefits as a differentiation factor in competitive recruitment markets.

For further details please contact hi@vlot.ch or request a demo.

Some highlights for Corporates

70% lower
Underwriting cost
25% lower
Customer acquisition costs
13% higher
Distribution productivity